Do not try to grasp the immensity, use a non-standard decisions, bear in mind the ergonomics and lighting, work with space — warn about common errors joint design of bathrooms — interior designer in london.

WC — common in modern homes. Some people find this option more convenient and specially combined bathroom and toilet, others put up with what they have. Whatever it was, this room should be stylish, functional and comfortable — in fact here we spend a lot of time. Tells how it is not necessary to equip a joint bathroom: Top 8 common mistakes.

Error 1: ignore ergonomics

Arrange all the necessary plumbing and furniture on a modest area — not an easy task, but it is not enough. During the planning phase combined bathroom is important to consider all the nuances of the use of space: not to reach for a towel to the far corner and not stumble on the toilet at the entrance to the premises.

Error 2: try to grasp the immensity

Sensibly assess the dimensions of the room, do not try to fit all at once, leaving free only a tiny snout between the toilet and sink. To feel comfortable in the bathroom, it may make sense to move the washing machine in the kitchen, stay at the shower or to refuse, for example, from the bulky cabinets for storage.

Error 3: forget about the existence of non-standard solutions

Times when all the plumbing was standard shapes and sizes, were left far behind. The modern market offers a variety of innovative solutions for the arrangement of combined bathroom. You can pick up a corner toilet or bath, stay at the tiny sink, compact furniture or narrow home appliances.

Error 4: reject the zoning

Interior combined bathroom-1In combination bathroom zoning techniques will fall at an opportune moment, whether it is visual delineation of space poluperegorodka or screen.

Mistake 5: not provide niche

Interior combined bathroom-2The device niches — a great option to save space and additional storage under the bathroom modest area of the room.

Error 6: Do not work with the space

To refuse to work with the space — an unforgivable mistake design small spaces. There are many ways to visually expand the boundaries of sharing bathrooms and adjust its geometry: a mirror, color, lighting, layout of tiles.

Error 7: insufficient lighting

Interior combined bathroom-3Poorly-lit corners of «eat» the volume, due to which the room seem smaller visually. For small bathrooms joint it can become a true disaster, making it cramped and uncomfortable.